We’ve changed our name, but not our passion & values!

We’re very excited to officially announce that the Small Business Box Ltd has renamed to Onzigo Digital Limited. Due to some exciting things in the pipeline our team have been working really hard in the background to restructure and redevelop our brand and the business as a whole. You will also we we’ve been busy working on a new website.

Why the re-name?

The Small Business Box Ltd had evolved from being run on a freelance basis to winning jobs and customers across the world. Our logo and message was great but it didn’t represent who we are, what we can do and the overall feel of us as a company. With some of the new projects we have coming the rename and rebrand worked a lot better too. It’s a truer reflection of us and what we do and aspire to do.

The Covid pandemic presented some global challenges as well as challenges to our core market, Small Businesses. Despite these unprecedented challenges with Covid, Brexit, Cost of living crisis and other factors in the world we have found an opportunity for growth and being in a position to support more businesses that ever before.

As well as rebranded we have looked at our service portfolio and made the offering more attractive and attainable for more than before. Our focus was to try and help as many as possible and we feel that our new offering of pay-monthly and set plans gives the option to do this. Businesses of all sizes, locations and industries can access services to help them grow and thrive, regardless of how the recent times have hit their business or economic changes and increases will continue to do so.

With all the changes, it was time to treat ourselves to a new shiny logo and website too! Our focus was to create an identity that reflected the company and who we are as well as working with the new project to come. Here is our new logo:

What’s new?

Aside from a fresh new logo, our website has had a once over! We want to offer amazing assistance, resources and tools to assist small businesses to reach their goals and be more focused and organised. The site has been updated to reflect the range of services Onzigo Digital can offer, a large portfolio of great Sales, Marketing & Business tools and solutions.

It was already mentioned that we have amended how we offer our services too. The introduction of pay-monthly solutions. These pay-monthly options allow businesses to access the core solutions they need to operate and be competitive. With a small monthly fee and all the features offered as standard you will have team working with you for a fraction of the cost against doing it yourself. We still offer the pay-once options for those that want to deal with it that way but giving the option of a pay-monthly solution seemed like a logical choice. There are also different payment options available to our clients too including direct debit, card payments, and more.

One great addition to the rebrand is our client portal. Utilise our project management tool, follow along with the progress with your projects, raise support tickets, or upload information and access your elements all in one simple to use place.

With our reach now stretching worldwide we have also added a new phone system and worldwide numbers too.

United Kingdom HQ:+44 (0)333 09 09 59
UK Regional office (Reading):+44 (0)118 212 0926
USA:+1 424-269-5169
Canada:+1 647-945-9269
Australia:+61 2 7201 8136

Our new site will continue to grow and progress offering more and more resources, paid and free, as well as any additional services and partnerships we come across to help our customers.

We hope you like it. Don’t forget to follow, like and share all of our social media. Let’s build some great businesses together despite whatever the future of our countries or the world brings.

Things are changing for the better – Onzigo Digital, Digital tools for businesses On-the-go!!



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