Frequently Ask Questions

Our prices vary depending on what service you need and if you choose PAY ONCE or PAY MONTHLY.

Websites are the core of what we do and they start at £700 pay once, and £45 pay monthly. Pay monthly sites also have a one-time fee.

This is a common question, believe it or not! There's a simple answer. Typically we are cheaper than most agencies and companies because:

  • Our team is mostly remote meaning our overheads are less
  • We keep the costs for sites down overall as we feel that every business deserves the tools and services that the bigger companies have but understand that budget is tight.

This is why we offer pay once and pay monthly options. We want to help as many businesses as we can and understand cashflow and funds are a luxury in most cases.

This varies depending on your brief but we can turn around a site in as little as 7 - 10 days. Most website take around 2 - 4 weeks to complete. We need input from you so it depends on how quick you provide information and can work with us on revisions and changes. The quicker you are, the quicker we can be.

After the initial chat we can communicate the details through email. From here you can follow the process on our client portal and communicate there. There are a lot of tools we use:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • WhatsApp
  • Client Portal & Web chat

Again it depends on what you need and want. We discuss all of this on the call and follow up with an email. You can also see the full list of things inside our client portal. Typically we need:

  • Images & Videos of company, products and/or services
  • Any content - this can be brochures, text, pdfs, flyers or other information. We can build on this during the design process.
  • Any staff details for the site.
  • Logins for:
    • Google account
    • Existing hosting and/or website
    • Social Media access
    • Any tools that need integrating.

If you have an existing website in most cases we can use this as a starting point.

That's not a problem. We have an initial call and onboarding process so that we hit the mark first time, but that doesn't always work. Built into our packages we have the ability to offer 2 full revisions. We aim to offer you a mock-up before we start and can build on it from there.

There are two ways to pay: PAY ONCE and PAY MONTHLY. This depends on the service but try to give you options.


Pay once is for one-offs or for the design of a site. Once you pay and we finish that's it the site is done and is yours. If you are using us for hosting there will be an ongoing payment for that but the site is fully done.

Typical terms for PAY ONCE are 50% non-refundable deposit and then 50% 30 days after. The site remain ours until full payment is received.


To access a site but budgets are tight you can go pay monthly. For this you can pay a small set-up fee and then monthly. This covers everything in one convenient monthly amount as well as a host of additional services thrown in too! 

In the past we have found projects might take longer than expected to finish. This could be because we are waiting for information from you or contact is hard and this delays the process. We have seen delays go into months. This is why we invoice the remaining 30 days after the initial payment. In most cases at the point of the second payment we are either finished or close to finishing your site so it won't be a problem.

If we build the site for you, we will typically host the site for you so you don't need to worry. We use the same hosting for all customers. It is cost effective and offers great tools for you and your site. We have used this company for years and have no plans to change.

If you want us to use your hosting company for whatever reason that is fine but there are some points to mention.

  1. Full payment is due upfront
  2. We cannot guarantee support or performance from your hosting provider
  3. You may need to purchase additional tools or packages to complete the process or allow us to set-up your site
  4. We will need access to manage and sort for you
  5. Maintenance may be slightly higher depending on the complexities of your provider

Websites need maintenance and support regardless of platform Yes, even Shopify and so on. You can manage yourself if you wish but we find that many customers do not manage properly and then issues can occur.

We do manage sites on a PAY MONTHLY option as standard as well as those we host. But, if you want management we can offer packages to suit your needs, we can discuss with you but to give you an idea, packages can start at £30 per month.

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