Brand Assets

Guidelines for using our Brand & Assets. Learn how to use our details to protect us and you. This includes our name, logos, colours and brand.

It's pronouned ON-ZEE-GO

Our Name

Onzigo Digital Limited, always written with capital first letters and must include Ltd or Limited for formal settings or without the Ltd in informal. 

Our Logo

Our logo is the main identifiable part of our brand. Please don’t change it or misuse it in a way that could cause confusion.  The font used for ONZIGO is ‘Biysk’ and the rest is  ‘Montserrat Rgular’.

Use the version of our logo with the tag line, where possible, ideally without a background, although white background and without tagline options  are available for alternative uses.  The icon should always be to the left of the logotype.

The icon can be used without the logotype where required and where the full logo is unable to be used.  Examples would be CRM, properties or other relevant uses.  The icon should be used on it’s own as a last resort.

Our preference is our horizontal logo, although we have a square logo where space is limited or in certain situations.

Our Colours

Our colour palette has been kept simple for ease of use.  Onzigo Digital Limited is built on Orange, Dark Blue and White.

ORANGE #749125

Blue #000022

White #ffffff

General Rules

These graphics, logo’s and Icons are proprietary and protected under intellectual property laws. They are owned and managed by Onzigo Digital Limited.

You may use our brand assets for non-commercial purposes. In relation to commercial uses, such as including our brand assets in a product for sale, please request our permission. We may retain the right to stop you using our brand assets at anytime. If in doubt please contact us for clarification. In order to preserve and protect our brand, it is essential that it is used properly.



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