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Millions want to become self employed in 2019

According to recent research millions, 2.6 million to be exact, are looking at self employment for 2019.

People are focusing more and more on the freedom that self employment can bring. With reasons such as better work/life balance or ditching a boss being some of the reasons. As someone that runs a business and is self employed I can agree. Working for yourself is amazing and you can be the master of your time but it is not without its pitfalls and problems.

The article goes on to say that many have confidence and self belief issues when it comes to making the step. The uncertainty and unknown hold many back.

I want a better work / life balance45.63
I want to choose what work I do43.92
I believe the sense of achievement would be greater35.48
I want to follow my passion34.57
I would like to work fewer hours29.75
I believe I could earn more as my boss / going freelance28.94
I would like to fit work around family commitments27.04
I’m sceptical of the current employment landscape15.98
None of the above1.71

The road to self employment is not always a smooth one but with help, guidance, hard work and determination it can be a rewarding path.

If you are interested taking that step get in touch for no obligation, we thrive on working with Small Businesses and Start-ups we have some great ways that we can help.

The full article can be seen here



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